Product Designer
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Netflix Interactive Emails

Product Designer • Sept - Oct 2017 • Worked with Kettle



Interactive emails provide richer, more immersive experiences and have been shown to drive up engagement. When compared to non-interactive messages, kinetic emails increased unique clicks by 18.3% and click-to-open rates by more than 10% (Source). I was part of a team at Kettle that created interactive emails for Netflix. Our goal was to transform old newsletter emails into a collection of surprising, delightful email series that people would come to recognize, anticipate and stop everything to open.

— My Role
I was responsible for ux and visual design, and delivered seven interactive email concepts. I worked closely with dev throughout the project to make sure all the designs were technically feasible-- we prototyped one of the interactive email concepts, which we shared with Netflix at the final pitch meeting, to prove it was possible. I also helped build the Keynote deck and brought each concept to life using animations. 

— Project Timeline

  • Connected creative ideas 9/13, delivered wireframes of all concepts and started to add art direction on 9/28

  • Held team meetings to review ideas and feasibility along the way with dev team, and worked closely with tech to built out 1 concept

  • Final deck presentation delivered 10/15

— End Result
Netflix loved the designs! We were one of 17 agencies pitching to Netflix and we won the work for Afterglow 🤗. 


Hero images I created to grab the user’s attention.

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 Project available upon request...