Product Designer


Product Designer • May 2017 (~40hrs) • Worked with East Coast Product



I helped BistroPlanet, a startup based in LA that let users place pick up orders with food trucks nearby, redesign their landing site and partner site. At the time, the startup had an app and website but the service wasn’t live yet. They didn’t have any food truck partners and people couldn’t actually place orders on the app. 

The current website looked dated and each page looked vastly different from each other, as well as the from the app. There were also hidden value props and no consistent navigation. These factors made it hard for new users and potential food truck partners to navigate the site. 

The purpose of the redesign was to update branding and create a more user-friendly website that clearly stated directed users to where they needed to go. Bistroplanet needed more partners to sign up and more users to download the app, so clearly communicating the value and creating clear call to actions was crucial to getting more conversions.